Mission94 Firearms Education Center (M94) is a facility like no other. Experience the history of firearms through expert education available for all levels. Our exclusive Charter Membership package guarantees that you’ll be part of our close-knit community and have a lifetime membership at the highest benefit level. Get ready to confer your status as one of this state-of-the-art Education Center’s founding supporters.

Benefits of M94 Charter Membership

A Charter Membership at M94 involves a one-time enrollment and opens the door to an extensive list of benefits. You will get priority access, one free group training and rentals each month, 10% off training classes, ten free guest passes, members-only pricing at our expansive retail center, priority waitlisting on high-demand products, free FFL transfers and firearm cleaning per visit, $250 worth of free ammo and much more.

Access to Amenities

As a Charter Member, you have open access to all amenities and services at M94. Enjoy complimentary range time every day M94 is open, with time slot priority and longer reservation windows. You get priority range facility rentals for private events at special charter member rates (events are subject to additional terms and conditions), a personal locker to store your items, and access to our onsite VIP lounge. You’ll also receive invitations to special members-only events and full concierge services for anything we offer.

Flexibility for Charter Members

The Charter Memberships are designed to provide members with the ultimate in flexibility.  Free access allows you to come and go at times that work best for your schedule. You will also be able to utilize a wide range of classes and services with no additional charge and bring up to four guests. Lifetime memberships are resellable, so you can pass one on to a family member or sell it to a friend.

Perspective on Firearms

Charter members will have the opportunity to be the first in our community to view and engage with our historical firearms and replica historical firearms from different eras. M94 offers a broad perspective on firearms education and history by viewing or handling firearms and exhibits on-site. We also reinforce the importance of education as a key component of safe communities. Everyone from novices to those who use firearms in their profession can gain additional knowledge and skills at M94.

Mission94 is much more than just a range or a shop. It’s a destination for people who are passionate about firearms education and safety. A Lifetime Charter Membership provides the highest level of access to these unique experiences. To purchase this membership or learn more about the terms and conditions, please visit our membership page.

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