A Premier Firearms Education Experience

Mission94 is not just a firearms center; it’s a destination for those who are passionate about firearms education, training, safety, and history. The state-of-the-art Center delivers a rich experience for everyone; whether you’re a novice shooter looking to learn the basics, a seasoned pro seeking advanced training, or you’re interested in learning about firearms history and our Second Amendment rights. We also offer a distinguished retail space and a unique collection of historical firearms replicas for you to experience.

Firearms And Democracy

Mission94 aims to help all our patrons become part of the next great chapter of responsible firearm owners and users through proper education and training. M94 serves to help foster and perpetuate a deeper understanding of this country’s history and the impact that firearms have played in protecting our freedoms. Our one-of-a-kind facility is dedicated to educating everyone on the social responsibilities that are linked to our country’s 2nd Amendment right so that future generations are informed and properly understand what it means to bear arms.


Hold and shoot the replicas that have played pivotal roles throughout our history.


Engage with history like never before  with something new, different, and immersive.

Right & Privilege

The right to bear arms is core to our national history and it’s a privilege to value.


Everyone is welcome from all experience levels, whether you are new to firearms, are an experienced competition enthusiast, or use them in your professional occupation. We believe that everyone should be empowered with the knowledge to use firearms responsibly and with confidence. Our staff comes from all backgrounds and harbors an inclusive style of teaching and interaction that you will find very inviting.

Safety priority at all levels

Current and Historic Classes

Family Activities and Events

Experienced Marksman

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