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 Our team of experts at Mission94 has compiled a list of frequently asked questions to provide you with the information you need. Whether you’re curious about membership, range features, safety classes, policies, or processes, you’ll likely find the information you need right here.

Still can’t find what you’re looking for? Don’t worry! Our dedicated support team is standing by to help. Feel free to reach out to info@mission94firearms.com and we’ll be happy to assist you. 

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Range Questions

How large is the training area?

Two bay types (25- and 50-yard)

– 15 total lanes

– 10 lanes in the 25-yard training bay

– 5 lanes in the 50-yard training bay

Ammunition ratings

– .308/7.62 rated Gran Trap for the 25 yard range

– 50 BMG-rated Gran Trap for the 50 yard range

How many guests are allowed in the training area at once?

Only two (2) people are allowed in one lane at a time. 

Can I bring my own firearm to shoot in the training area?

Yes, guests may bring their firearms and ammunition. However, M94 will not allow the following types of ammunition:

  • Stee-cased or aluminum-cased ammunition
  • Tracer ammunition
  • Incendiary ammunition
  • “Dragon breath” ammunition
  • Bolas ammunition
  • Flechette ammunition
  • Birdshot ammunition
  • Armor piercing ammunition
Can I shoot at M94 if I have never used a firearm before?

Yes, guests who have never used a firearm can work with one of our trained professionals. If you do not have your own firearm, you can rent or buy one in our retail area.

Can nonmembers use the training bays?

Yes, all guests are welcome. 

General Questions

What type of classes will M94 offer?

Mission94 offers classes for all levels, from beginners to people who use firearms as part of their professional careers. USCCA-certified instructors provide expert guidance in a welcoming environment. Self-defense classes are available, going beyond firearm use to include important skills like situational awareness and de-escalation techniques.

M94 will offer guests an opportunity to learn on-site with qualified instructors on topics such as first-time ownership, concealed carry, home defense, firearm safety, distance shooting, modern sporting rifle, and more. Class schedules will include basic through advanced firearm skills, tactical shooting skills, and law enforcement/security personnel shooting techniques. Mission94 will also have historical firearm education courses.

Do I need to bring a FOID card to shoot in the training area?

Mission94 complies with all state laws. FOID cards will be required if an Illinois resident desires to purchase firearms (that are Illinois-compliant) or ammunition. Guests do not need a FOID card to use the training area or attend training. It is an Illinois-only document for firearms *ownership* within Illinois. 

Do I have to be a Wisconsin resident to visit Mission94?

Our facility welcomes all guests from any state. 

Can minors shoot at Mission94 Firearms Education Center?

Guests 12 years and older are allowed in the training bay and can take classes if accompanied by a parent or legal guardian. Children younger than 12 years old are allowed in the retail area only. 

Does your center support physically handicapped guests?

Yes, our facility’s floor plan has been thoughtfully laid out with ADA in mind and the displays will have pull-out shelves that will allow for interaction with people from all walks of life. In addition, we will have the following accommodations:

  • Accessible parking directly adjacent to the entrance
  • ADA door operators at the entrance and public restrooms
  • Five fully accessible restrooms
  • Accessible service counters on both floors
  • Accessible retail displays
  • An outdoor patio served by an ADA-compliant ramp and stairs
  • Accessible VIP lockers
  • An ADA-accessible station
What types of firearms will the public and members be able to buy, store and rent at M94?

Firearms that are lawful under federal, state, and local laws will be available and allowable. 

Does M94 have lockers for guests?

Lockers are reserved for members only. Charter members receive a locker with their membership and all other level members may rent lockers based on availability. 

Is the Pritzker Military Museum & Library and M94 connected?

The Founder of both organizations is Lt. Colonel (U.S. Army, Ret.) Jennifer Pritzker. However, Mission94 Firearms Education Center is a different company than the Pritzker Military Museum & Library. The two businesses are not affiliated with one another.

Who owns Mission94?

Mission94 Firearms Education Center is founded by Lt. Colonel (U.S. Army, Ret.) Jennifer Pritzker. She is JB Pritzker’s cousin, yet like all very large families, they have different affiliations and companies. JB Pritzker is not involved with Mission94.

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