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Mission94 Firearms Education Center | Kenosha, WI

About The Range

Looking for a top tier firearms education center and range near me? Discover Mission94 – your local destination for expert training and a state-of-the-art range experience.

Our range offers the most up to date amenities to enhance your experience and enjoyment. We feature both 25- and 50-yard lanes to suit your every need. Along with the technology and features to make your range day more satisfying, our range bays also feature state-of-the-art air filtration systems to keep the facility as comfortable and healthy as possible. Combined, this will offer you a range experience beyond expectations.

Family Friendly

Mission94 has a variety of activities and encourages famlies to know they are welcome.

Open to the Public

Upon opening in 2024, Mission94 will be open to the public and will offer memberships for further benefits.

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what to do when you get here

Opening Q1 2024



in person or online

Check in

When you arrive be sure to check in with one of our staff members before you start your shooting or training. Or you can save yourself some time and check in online!



Range Time

Learn and Train

Our staff is always on site and available to provide guidance and training for all our patrons.



Next steps

Memberships and More

Enjoyed your time at Mission94? Consider our membership options and relish in all the member exclusive perks with our Charter Membership.

Stay Informed