The Wisconsin Village of Somers recently approved its newest state-of-the-art education and firearms facility, Mission94 Firearms Education Center, which is expected to open in early 2024. Mission94 Firearms Education Center will be in Somers, Wisconsin, on the same campus as Chicago’s Pritzker Military Museum & Library’s new Archives Center.  

Mission94 is a revolutionary new concept and destination for education and the historical appreciation for firearms. The leading principles of safety, awareness, education, and training make up the foundation of Mission94 Firearms Education Center. As one of its top values, the Center is committed to providing a safe and friendly experience, while educating guests on firearms and the safety of firearms.  

“Education and training are real world solutions to real world problems, and part of this project is to educate people about firearms, education and safety,” Village President George Stoner said. “I’m very positive and very excited about it. It’s going to be a huge asset to the Village of Somers.“  

People of all backgrounds and experience levels are welcome at Mission94 Firearms Education Center. This new facility will provide every individual interested in firearm training the opportunity to learn more and further improve on their existing skills. Our instructors will provide classroom assistance and interactive training in the range which features 15 shooting lanes, sound mitigation, and a modern air filtration system. Guests will be able to learn on-site with instructors on topics like first time ownership, concealed carry, home defense, firearm safety, distance shooting, and more.   

With a goal of enhancing guests’ knowledge on the safe use of firearms at all levels, delivering the best education and experience possible is of the upmost importance for Mission94. With the supervision of top-rated, licensed and certified in-house instructors, students and guests will be able to advance their skills and firearms knowledge, including learning about the history of firearms through classes and the opportunity to operate firearms replicas from multiple eras in history.   

“We are excited to share this new firearms education center where people can learn about the history of firearms in this country, the importance of safety, and work with top professionals at all levels in our new facility,” said Mission 94 Firearm and Training Center Special Projects and Operations Manager, Chris Meter. 


Mission94 will begin offering charter memberships in March 2023, and upon its grand opening will offer multiple membership options for those who want to make the most of their firearm education and training. 

Mission94 Firearms Education Center 

Safety, awareness, education and training are leading principles at the Mission94 Firearms Education Center. Education and training in a safe, family friendly environment by top-rated certified instructors will be a hallmark of the facility. Licensed and certified in-house instructors will provide classroom and interactive training to beginners as well as more advanced students on subjects like concealed carry, home defense, firearm safety, distance shooting, and modern sporting rifle.  





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