State and local officials joined Mission94 Firearms Education Center for a private breaking ground event on the project grounds in Somers, Wisconsin on May 11. A public event is being planned for later in the summer, and the grand opening for Mission94 is expected in spring 2024, weather permitting.

Guests of the event included Wisconsin Department of Veterans Affairs Secretary James Bond, City of Kenosha Director of City Development Tim Casey, Village of Somers President George Stoner, Kenosha County Official Samantha Kerkman, Kenosha County Sheriff David Zoerner, Somers Deputy Fire Chief Ben Anderson, Colonel (IL) Jennifer N. Pritzker, amongst many Somers Village trustees.

Mission94 is a revolutionary new concept and destination to help all patrons become part of the next great chapter of responsible firearm owners and users through proper education and training. It serves to help foster and perpetuate a deeper understanding of this country’s history and the impact that firearms have played in protecting our freedoms. The one-of-a-kind facility is dedicated to educating everyone on the social responsibilities that are linked to our country’s Second Amendment right so that future generations are informed and properly understand what it means to bear arms. As one of its top values, the Center is committed to providing a safe and friendly experience, while educating guests on firearms and the safety of firearms.

Mission94’s Development Facilitator Christopher Meter shared how his background in the Marines shaped his high regard for responsibility with firearms. “We invite you all to join us on this journey towards a safer, more educated and connected community.” He also talked about the facility which will offer the most up-to-date amenities to enhance every guest’s visit. “This will allow us to offer an experience beyond expectations,” Chris Meter said during his speech.

Mission94 will welcome everyone from all experience levels, whether they are new to firearms, experienced competition enthusiasts, or use them professionally. The facility will also showcase a vast collection of historical firearm replicas that provide visitors with a glimpse into the rich history of firearms across conflicts and eras. The Center will be open to the public and Charter memberships are now available. Once the Center opens in 2024, additional membership levels will be available.

“We are proud that construction for the facility is underway,” Chris Meter said. “We believe that understanding the history of firearms is essential to appreciating their cultural significance and impact on society. Promoting safety, education, and history within our facility, we hope to create a culture of responsibility and respect in the world of firearms.”

Col. Pritzker, the visionary of the project spoke about the importance of being a part of the solution to abuses in firearms through proper education. Sheriff Zoerner shared how the facility will help the community, noting that firearm education and safety is essential in building a better future.
The facility will be fitted with a ventilation system that keeps the range at a negative pressure, preventing the ingestion of contaminants and keeping the surfaces contaminant-free in non-range spaces of the base building. The facility’s exterior will be finished with a low/no maintenance masonry veneer, aluminum windows, metal panel, photovoltaic (solar) panels, and more.

To learn more about Mission94 Firearms Education Center and its charter member packages, please visit the newly launched website. Images and b-roll of the event can be found here.

Mission94 Firearms Education Center
Safety, awareness, education and training are leading principles at the Mission94 Firearms Education Center. Education and training in a safe, family-friendly environment by top-rated certified instructors will be a hallmark of the facility. Licensed and certified in-house instructors will provide classroom and interactive training to beginners as well as more advanced students on subjects like concealed carry, home defense, firearm safety, distance shooting, and modern sporting rifle.

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